27 August, 2013

Whatever Might Be Said - Mugabe Won The Elections Fair and Square

By all reliable accounts, Mr. Robert Mugabe won the recent presidential Zimbabwean elections free and fair. The 15-nation Southern African Development Community and African Union (AU) mission - both  dismiss the complaints of fraud; they say the election was fair and free. But some Western powers, for their own selfish, ulterior reasons and motives do not want to accept the results. They keep on insisting otherwise. They are not doing this because they care much for Zimbabweans; those against Mugabe, are more interested in Zimbabwe's natural resources than how elections take place there. In fact, its natural resources are the prime interest and not Zimbabweans at all.

The criticisms and attacks, by the West, directed at Mugabe and his regime have very little to do with 'human rights' or 'democracy'. It's all to do with self interests and goals. Had Mugabe been serving the interests of those out of Zimbabwe now criticizing him, nothing much would have been said against him. He would have been pampered and courted. Note how the same people who are so vocal and aggressive against Mugabe, are very supportive of other dictators and autocrats in Africa; and how reluctant they are on doing any thing that would offend the present dictators in Egypt.

I am not supporting Mugabe's elections because I support the man or what has become of Zimbabwe's economy - in 2008, I sated on this siteRobert Mugabe is undoubtedly a bully and an autocrat; at times - a brutal dictator. There is no doubt too, that he has caused immense suffering and misery for his people. He has ruled for too long; and, even with his hairs dyed and a wife half his age, he is too old. But, still, very few (if any) African leaders can now stand up to the West's meddling and interference in African affairs when they feel matters, elections in particular, are not to their interests. Mugabe does that; without fear. For that, for standing up to neocolonialism - he wins my uttermost respect and admiration. And many other people's around Africa and the world.

Time for Africa to take on West over Mugabe: PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s landslide victory in Zimbabwe’s July 31 elections might have put the West in a spot, but it is Africa that has a hotter potato to handle. The US refuses to accept the result while the European Union (EU) remarked that the elections were "broadly peaceful" but did not go the full distance and accept them. A number of western countries, former British colonies Australia and Canada, took a harder line and denounced the elections. The African Union (AU) and the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) have endorsed the poll. Fortunately for the continent, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), which ran against Mugabe and challenged the outcome, has withdrawn the objection it had lodged with the Zimbabwean high court.......Africa must show what it is made of if the EU and US refuse to recognise the new Mugabe government.

Postscript: I would like to make this clear - I do not condone or support any form of Mr. Mugabe's brutalities or racism. It doesn't mean that if one admires the way Hitler managed to conquer, swiftly and incredibly so fast, so much of Europe that would mean that, that person is an admirer of Hitler.

I do not like the way the West belittles African decisions or declarations - the African Union's in particular. I do not like the way the West likes to arm-twist Africa and its duplicity on the continent - supporting regimes that are similar or worst than Mugabe's because these regimes allow them to extract their resources. I admire the way Mr. Mugabe manages to stand up strongly against neocolonialism; not the way he manages or runs Zimbabwe - a country where I have many personal friends who suffer under his rule; and who are in fact mainly with the opposition. I abhor his brutality, but that aside - you have to salute the man for the way he has outmaneuvered his enemies who are mainly the West.

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