17 February, 2009

While Zimbabweans starve........

While Mugabe's wife goes for expensive shopping sprees in foreign countries and has a string of properties across the country, taken after Mr Mugabe's loyalists began evicting white farmers in 2000; while Mr. Mugabe spends millions to have lavish birthday parties; while the Mugabe's own many high valued foreign properties - Zimbabwe continues to have the world's worse and highest inflation rate ever recorded; and Zimbabweans continue to starve, to mostly depend on food handouts and to live in want and misery.

And now this: When President Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace landed in Hong Kong last month on the final lap of a lengthy Asian holiday, she had more on her mind than her usual extravagant shopping for baubles and handbags.

The first lady was focused on two investments designed to keep the Mugabes rich should they one day be forced into exile from Zimbabwe, where thousands are starving and ravaged by cholera and opponents are jailed, beaten and tortured.

One investment was a £4m Hong Kong property in a walled and gated complex where residents enjoy quiet gardens, a clubhouse and a swimming pool. The other was a multi-million-pound diamond venture she is considering launching in China. This involves locating a centre for cutting and polishing diamonds at Qingdao, on China’s east coast, in conjunction with Zimbabwe’s central bank, which is notorious for funding her extravagant travels abroad.

I have the highest admiration and respect for Mr. Mugabe for having fought courageously and studiously for Zimbabwe's freedom. All Africans and all those who love Africa, would very much admire and respect Mr. Mugabe's role in ending the very repressive and oppressive White regime of Rhodesia; he has been a leader who really did do all he could to liberate his people from European powers. One would very much admire, respect and support his wanting to empower Africans and give them land which was forcefully and brutally taken away from them; but for Mr. Mugabe to have such excesses and extravagance, while his populace are in such dire conditions, is simply not acceptable.

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