11 February, 2009

Morgan Tsvangirai sworn in as Prime Minister

Bankrupt. Impoverished. A 90% unemployment rate. Cholera stricken. That's the Zimbabwe that Morgan Tsvangirai faces as he is sworn in as Zimbabwe's prime minister. And still continuing, as he has for the last twenty-nine years, as head of state, president and the most powerful person in the once food rich Zimbabwe - is Tsvangirai's long time rival, foe and tormentor: Robert Mugabe. Can and will this 'unity' government work?

It has to. For the sake of the millions of impoverished and demoralized Zimbabweans, it has to. For the sake of the many hungry and malnourished children; the weak and sick elderly; the struggling and hopeless mothers; and the millions of their exhausted and yet very patient countrymen - Tsvangirai and Mugabe have to get their country together, united and moving. Moving forward. And fast. Move forward, to give and provide Zimbabweans back their dignity and some decency in their lives.

Tsvangirai and Mugabe have to overlook and forget their past and differences; should the two of them have been marooned on an island and it's only them on that island, they can do whatever they want or whatever their whim directs them to. But they are in Zimbabwe. A country of over eleven million people; most of whom are now so desperate and poor that they can't even afford to feed themselves. Most of whom are unemployed. Many are sick. And many of whom have fled. Mr. Mugabe is said to be one of the most educated people on this Planet; and Mr. Tsvangirai has repeatedly said that he wants a better life for his countrymen. We are all praying and watching. And very much hoping that Zimbabweans can now get out of the pit and hell that they are in. Their President and Prime Minister owe them that.

Photo: Metro

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