South Sudan Map: Where will its new capital be?

South Sudan has been setting itself up for its independence. Now, a new capital is being  planned; it could be Juba or another site. In 2004, Rumbek was being talked of as the most likely new capital of South Sudan, should it get independence. Of Rumbek, the BBC reported: with no multi-storey buildings or paved roads and a population of under 100,000 - the ramshackle town of Rumbek has been chosen by Sudan's former southern rebels as the unlikely administrative capital of the south.

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Now, it is being reported that two new locations are being proposed: an area (not named) that straddles four Southern states and the other is Ramicel (or Ramshiel or Ramshel or Ramkiel or Ramcel or Ramicel or Ramshel in Lakes State - Arabic: البحيرات‎: Al Buhayrat) - Rumbek is easily found on many maps but I could not find Ramshel on any map. The two competing locations have been proposed for study before the government could choose one as a federal territory in which it will build the new capital. One of the proposed locations is an area which straddles four states; the north-eastern part of Central Equatoria, north-western part of Eastern Equatoria, south western part of Jonglei and south eastern part of Lakes state.....Another proposed location for the capital is Ramciel , which officials say is the geographic center of South Sudan has been the choice of SPLM.......

Although it would be very costly to start a whole new capital city, many of those who favor Ramshel say: it is the best option as it is in the center of South Sudan making it easier for all Southern Sudanese to access it; it has a pleasant topography and climate, and that, best of all, it is vast, empty and very sparsely populated making it easy to set up a new city. Those favoring the other unnamed site, say - it too, has all the same qualities as Ramciel. And the same would be said about Rumbek (which was reportedly most favored by Dr. John Garang). Rumbek sparsely is populated; you can easily locate it on many detailed maps Sudan.
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Even if it is rich in oil, this will be a very costly process and project for the new country. The good side: if the capital city of South Sudan is moved, it can be better planned and managed. Best of all, if the new capital will be far from the Nile, the river will be very much spared from enormous pollution and environmental degradation. In Juba, the river is already being polluted heavily by sewage, garbage and other refuse. With development and if Juba will continue being the Southern capital, the Nile will be much more polluted, especially by the many factories that are already in Juba and that will be popping up in the city. Due to Southern Sudan's government having to be very busy with many pressing matters all at once, little attention will be given to developments and factories in the city; many of which, will undoubtedly - be destructive to the Nile and its environment. 

Read more from: from this detailed article from SouthSudanNationcom. Or from AllAfrica, The China Post, the Arab News. Read this (PDF) Report on Juba

For South Sudan maps: Bing or click here for a more detailed map of Sudan or here.

For maps of South Sudan go to the: Government of Southern Sudan maps or Gurtong Trust for detailed map of each state in the South. For more maps: Google Maps or Maps of World or National Geographic

Update - 3rd September, 2011: It has been confirmed that Ramciel will be the new capital of South Sudan. Read more here.

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