03 February, 2011

South Sudan name change?

It has a national flag which looks very much like the Kenyan one; it now has a national anthem; and it even has an official website. But a name change? That's what some are proposing for the newest country on Earth: South Sudan, the Republic of Kush, the Nile Republic, Azania, Equatoria, New Sudan, Wunjubacel, and even Juwama - an acronym for Juba, Wau and Malakal. All these have been suggested. Excerpts from what is being said about changing South Sudan's name:
.....as Sudan referendum dominated some of the world key burning issues for the last three weeks, few voters and writers overjoyed by throwing suggestions of new names if the Sudan is going to fall apart into two nations. Among the proposed names for consideration are The Nile Republic, The Republic of Kush, and South Sudan..... BorGlobe
The Daily Citizen published by veteran South Sudan leader Joseph Lagu says that the new nation should be called the Nile Republic. The Standard
The new country, however, still lacks a name. South, Southern Sudan, New Sudan or even Cush, after a biblical kingdom in the area, are possibilities. The Guardian
Debates have been raging as to what name the new nation or call it new country should pick as it moves towards full independence come July 9th, 2011. So let me add my view to the foregoing debate about the name of our new country- in - waiting, which is exactly six (6) months away from now. Sudan Tribune
Southern Sudan, which recently carried out a referendum on seceding from the north, will be named the Republic of South Sudan upon independence, officials here in the regional capital said Sunday. The New York Times
Any name that has the word 'Sudan' will be most suitable and best. The new country needs to save, in resources and time, as much as they can; it would be cheaper and easier to implement a name with 'Sudan' as part of it. No matter how much bad feelings Southern Sudanese have on the North, Southern Sudan will still be very much attached to the North, just as Eritrea is to Ethiopia and the former Soviet republics are to Russia. And most weighing of all: South Sudan will always have the North as its neighbor. For the interest and benefit of both countries, they will be better of, if they forgive and overlook bygones and history; and live at peace, with cooperation and mutual respect - with each other. 

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