06 September, 2011

Ramciel will be South Sudan's new capital

Mainly, due to the resistance of the indigenous locals in and around Juba (the present South Sudan capital) who do not want their land taken for use by their government - there is not enough land to cover the 31 or so square kilometers (about 12 square miles) needed for the construction of new government buildings in the present capital city. Now, the Southern Sudanese government has officially approved the moving of their capital and is now making plans for relocating its capital about 200-250kms. (about 125-155 miles) North or Nort-West of Juba - to Ramiciel (or Ramshiel or Ramkiel or Ramcel or Ramicel or Ramshel in Lakes State - Arabic: البحيرات‎: Al Buhayrat.) Even before seceding, the southerners were already planning for a new capital city.

South Sudan
Ramciel or Ramcel, South Sudan - Click on map to enlarge
Note: as I have not been able to find reliable, good map of Ramshiel on the Web - on the above and below maps, I have tried to indicate where Ramciel could be. Ramshiel is said to be in Lakes state, bordering Jonglei to the West, and an enclave between Central Equatoria, Eastern Equatoria, Jonglei and Lakes state.

Ramshiel, Lakes State - Click on map to enlarge
Ramshel is also reportedly around Coordinates: 5°52′0″N 31°41′10″E. A screen shot of that is below. Or better still, go to Google Maps to get a better view here. Or go here and see the map from WikiMiniAtlas - Ramciel's site is encircled red - which would mean that it is North of Juba, the present capital.

Ramciel - Coordinates: 5°52′0″N 31°41′10″E
The University of Texas has some fine updated, very detailed maps of parts of Southern Sudan. It has a map here (as seen below) - which has the proposed site for Ramciel. Note: the university's map indicates Ramciel's proposed site not around Coordinates: 5°52′0″N 31°41′10″E - but further to the North-West. See what the proposed new capital will look like - here.
Ramshel Map
Moving the capital from Juba is excellent news. Once the capital is moved, River Nile in Southern Sudan - will be saved from some if not most pollution and environmental degradation. Ramiciel too, being in the center of the new country and with lots of space and very little population, can be built in a much better way than the present, poorly planned and haphazardly constructed Juba. Forty square kilometers (about 15 square miles) has already been secured in Ramciel by the government for its buildings. The new site, is reportedly said to have been favored by the late John Garang. He is said to have considered Rumbek, too.

Can and will the Southern Sudanese leaders remember the blood of the hundreds of thousands who died and the millions who went through dreadful periods - so as to create South Sudan? Can they do what almost no other African country has been able to do and truly, honestly, mercifully and honorably care for their people? Can its leaders and its government be able to wisely and responsibly - and with integrity - use its oil wealth and its other very abundant resources to build, and create a just, equitable and humane country? Can they be able to move and relocate their capital responsibly - without nepotism, favoritism and corruption taking precedent? How they move, relocate and build Ramciel will be one of the main tests of their leadership and governance.

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