21 November, 2012

Uganda: Blogging and its Best Blogs

According to Internet World Atlas, as of 2012 second-quarter, of the top ten African countries, as of population percentage, Uganda is ranked ninth in Internet usage. And as in Kenya, that number is rising fast. Considering its recent history, the many conflicts it has had and how unstable the country has been - this is an encouraging achievement. Ugandans too, as are Kenyans - are very much active in social networks. Of blogging, there are very few blogs that discuss Uganda. The problem with most Ugandan bloggers, they start one, and after a short while give up. Of the very few active ones, very few are serious or deserving of praise. Of these, most are managed by non-Ugandans living in Uganda or interested in the country; or managed by Ugandans living abroad.

My favorite blogs on Uganda: Jane Kaberuka's RafikiJackfruity, Communist Socks and Boots (the 27th Comrade - for some unexplained reason stopped blogging) In An African Minute have stopped blogging (like Ms. Kaberuka who had an absorbing blog but stopped posting on it long  ago) or are no longer blogging regularly about issues related to the country. Of Uganda, I now read Rosebell's Blog - informative, absorbing, interesting and written by a person who truly cares about the country. After looking around and struggling to find any good blogs related to the country, I could only have these as the Top Uganda Blogs:
  1. Rosebell's Blog
  2. Uganda Tourism
  3. Uganda Speaks
  4. Echwalu Photography
  5. Agri-Hub Uganda
  6. Ugandan Insomniac
  7. Ugandans At Heart
  8. Mad And Crazy
  9. Uganda Picks
  10. Nogomrom
Some of the above do not fit in with the proper definition of what most people consider as a blog, but all the above are indeed blogs. For ranking these blogs, I considered: style, originality uniqueness, how objective and worthy a blog's content is - preferably without many 'Is', 'mes' and self promotion; how useful and interesting the blog is; what impact the blog may have and what good does it serve. It is extremely difficult to find, worthy Uganda related blogs. And for some reason that I fail to understand, women have so far - been the best and most outstanding bloggers about the Pearl of Africa. With its many, wonderful and stunning wildlife and natural beauty - I wonder why hasn't any Ugandan focused on blogging exclusively with that in mind. You can find more blogs related to Uganda on: Global VoicesNetworked Blogs, Travel Blogs and Lonely Planet's travel blogs.

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