20 November, 2012

Kenya: Blogging and its Best Blogs

In Africa, Kenya has one of the highest number of people having access to the Internet. It ranks third in the Continent on Internet usage. And the number is rising fast. Almost one-quarter of the population have access to the Internet now. According to the Communications Commission of Kenya: As at 30th June 2012, there were 7.7million Internet subscriptions up from 6.4 million subscriptions recorded in the previous quarter. This represents an increase of 19.2 percent during the quarter under review. Annual subscription rose by 81.7 percent in the FY 2011/12 recorded at 7.7million from 4.2 million subscriptions posted in the FY 2010/11. The mobile data/Internet subscriptions category contributed 98.9 percent of the total subscriptions.

As with most people around the world, most Kenyans use the Internet occasionally; and mainly for emails and socializing. Most use this most potent of resources that is so easily and so cheaply available, wastefully. After South Africa, Kenya has the largest number of Twitter accounts in the Continent and it is the third largest blogging country after South Africa and Nigeria. Still, out of the 43 plus million Kenyans and of the over 150 million bloggers around the world, only about 12,000 are registered with Kenya's Bloggers Association (BAKE). Out of these Kenyans who blog, only a handful have been continuously and regularly posting in their blogs  for long. And even fewer have been writing posts that have impact or that matter or are interesting.

For some times now, I have been reviewing as many Kenyan blogs as I can. Though I read these blogs regularly: Kenyan Climate Youth (one of the very few Kenyan blogs addressing one of my greatest passions), Ntwiga (for excellent music reviews), Bankelele (a gentleman's blog and useful for Kenyan-related-financial matters), MegaProjects Kenya (informative observations and stunning photos on one of the most talked about projects in Nairobi - Thika Highway), A Nairobian Perspective! (any one who loves Nairobi will find this blog interesting), Kumekucha (in particular, for Kenyan politics - outspoken and hard hitting) and SAVVY KENYA (refreshing, down-to-earth, absorbing and entertaining). But, after reviewing, carefully and for some times, as many blogs as I can, I find these as the Top Fifteen Kenyan blogs online today - which excludes some of my afore mentioned favorite Kenyan blogs:
  1. Ushahidi Blog
  2. Kenyan Pundit
  3. Mental Acrobatics
  4. Moses Kemibaro
  5. Kenyan Poet
  6. Ntwiga
  7. Techmataa
  8. A Nairobian Perspective!
  9. Kenyan Enterprenuer
  10. Kachwanya
  11. Gathara's World
  12. Nairobi Living
  13. MegaProjects Kenya
  14. Kenyan Climate Youth
  15. BintiM
These are my own personal rankings. I have tried being as objective as I can and considered a few factors when ranking these blogs: style, originality, uniqueness, how objective and worthy a blog's content is - preferably without many 'Is', 'mes' and self promotion; how useful and interesting the blog is; what impact the blog may have and what good does it serve. Here are some more Kenyan blog rankings: these are the top ranked blogs according to BAKE.Mshahada Blogshas several good blogs;and Bloggers from Kenyaand Technoratihave more. Lonely Planet has several blogs that 'they like'. During my reviewing Kenyan blogs, I have been very surprised at how very few, if any, there are any blogs focusing on wildlife and environmental issues; even more surprising, BAKE does not have these two (wildlife and environmental issues) in any of its categories.

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