09 November, 2012

Ramah Nyang means business

Ramah Nyang
On Africa, few business news presenters are as persuasive and as absorbing to watch as CCTV Africa Live's Ramah Nyang. In fact, of all Africa Live's presenters and correspondents, he is the most articulate, with the best speech delivery and with the clearest presentation. And is the real unsung star of Africa Live. Business news can be very boring, but Nyang makes it interesting and informative. He does a great job in delivering commercial news and makes one watch.

As young as he is, if he continues for long in the field of business news, Ramah Nyang - with his distinct style, with time and experience - will go far and undoubtedly rise and could be as dynamic and as internationally known and commanding as CNN's Richard Quest (the present real shining star of CNN) and the BBC's Aaron Heslehurst.

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