22 July, 2008

Why They Hate Obama

He is smart. He is cool. He is poised. He envisions hope. He is a great communicator. But there are many Americans who still hate him. Some have even predicted that, should he win the presidency - he would be assassinated. Why do some hate him so much? And which do they find more loathsome: his black, African origins or his Muslim background?

Most of those who hate Barack Obama do so because they are racist and they simply can't accept the idea of an African American president; even one as capable as Mr. Obama. Racism isn't an American problem only; it's worldwide. Racism is a disease, and once inflicted with it, it's hard to cure it. As for Obama's religion, many Americans have good reasons to be wary about any thing related to Muslims, due to Islams's poor image there. But what is very surprising is that there are still many Americans who believe that Obama is a practicing Muslim and that, he took the oath of office using Islam's holly book - the Koran! Are some Americans this narrow minded and uninformed?

With reference to Africa: had Obama been Kenyan born and raised, could he even have dreamt of being a Kenyan president? Or even a government minister? It would undoubtedly have been much harder for Obama, or any one like him - half African and half some other race - to go far in Kenyan politics. Whatever might be said, America has come along way - and at a fast pace - within just a few years. America, is now not only the land of opportunity; it's too, the land where all can claim to be equal and any one - irrespective of race, color, ethnicity or gender - can dream and aspire for any goal.

It will be interesting to watch America's presidential race in the next few months; it will be even more interesting if Mr. Obama would pick Mrs. Hillary Clinton as his running mate. For America to have made it possible for some one like Obama to come this far in his quest to become their number one leader, is an eye opener and a wake up call for the rest of the World; and it shows America's advaced maturity. It sends a strong message around the World. The message will be stronger and America would be a true world leader, if Obama will be the next occupant of the White House. And it would be great to have a woman as his vice president: more so - Mrs. Clinton.

Photo: The Daily Mail

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