16 February, 2014

Why is Africa against homosexuality?

Many in the West, including leaders and politicians - are forcefully doing all that they can to promote the acceptance of homosexuality. Presently, in America, those campaigning have insultingly gone as far as to equate legal rights for homosexuals with the historic black struggle against racism; there is a specter haunting it. It is the movement to promote and legalize homosexual marriage. The movement has adopted a cunning political strategy to appeal to everyone from the suburban soccer mom to the urban white-male liberal: It has packaged its demand for the radical redefining of marriage in the rhetoric and imagery of the U.S. civil rights movement. For Africa and Africans, if the Western world condones and accepts homosexuality, is not a problem; America and other Western countries (which base their democracy and culture on ancient Greece which tolerated and allowed homosexuality ages ago) are free to decide for themselves what kind of a culture and a society they prefer. But, for America and the West to try and force Africa to accept homosexuality the way they do - is utterly wrong and very disrespectful of Africans.

Having been born inland, in East Africa; growing up and living, inland, during all my youth and early manhood - I was not aware of homosexuality until late. I was about twenty-one years old - shocked and at the same time found it very ridiculous - when I first saw homosexuals in Mombasa; they openly displayed themselves and publicly related to each other. In Tanga, Dar es Salam and along the East African coast, homosexuals have been there since the first sailors from foreign lands landed on the East African coast and introduced it there.

In Africa, for very long - no one, no leader, bothered about homosexuals or homosexuality; and no one harassed homosexuals. It was only since a few years ago when Western countries, and especially their media and leaders, started pressurizing and lecturing Africa on homosexuality that most Africans have become aggressive and violent about it. Before, for Africans - homosexuality was not an issue to consider or weigh on. But, with the relentless campaign by Western leaders and their media - many, if not most, Africans have felt threatened; and hence the backlash. The more the West tries to impose homosexuality on Africa, the more attention and focus is on homosexuals; and the more the backlash. Worsening even more the plight of homosexuals in the Continen.

The disdain for homosexuality and why African societies and countries prohibit it is not - as fervently claimed by some - a colonial mentality or due to some left over colonial law or because of some so called 'powerful evangelical Christian lobby'. For Africans, to even discuss about homosexuality is not acceptable let alone accept it. Anyone who has lived in Africa knows this. To Africans, it is normal and natural for a man to have sexual relationship only with a woman, and a woman only with a man; for Africans - the idea that those of the same sex can have any kind of physical relationship is totally ludicrous and alien. That's the way we have been brought up and that's one of the main basis of African traditions, culture and society.  A tradition that is even, today, reflected in America (where the 'gay' community is predominantly white) and how African Americans (who are still very marginalized in the US; even by/within the same gay communities who are trumpeting 'civil rights' ) think very contemptuously of it.

Africans have never forced or even tried to persuade the West into accepting polygamy (a very normal and acceptable practice in Africa) which is a major crime in all these same countries trying to impose homosexuality on Africans; in the US and the Western world, anti-polygamy is the norm (but it is fine for a man to keep as many mistresses - even in the same house - as he wishes) and polygamists are persecuted and if found prosecuted and jailed - Africa has never raised a voice against this. If the West truly cares about Africa and Africans, instead of threatening and trying to blackmail African countries - there are many other much more pressing issues to be assisted with and be solved in the Continent rather than continuously, disrespectfully, barraging and lecturing Africa on homosexuality and trying to impose it on the Continent.

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