26 April, 2013

What Can You Do To Celebrate And To Support World Penguin Day?

Do you love penguins? Most of us do. And can there be a better way to express that love and support than helping in saving these very adorable creatures? Right now there is an opportunity to protect these amazing animals by helping establish the world’s two largest sanctuaries at sea around Antarctica. Adding your voice will help protect countless penguins, whales, seals and nearly 10,000 other incredible species.

*Despite the best efforts of the Happy Feet penguins, the Southern Ocean is not yet protected. That’s why Greenpeace is working with the Antarctic Oceans Alliance, and lobbying governments to come together to protect areas like the Ross Sea, which are vital for many penguins.
You can help Greepeace, and the penguins, by joining their call for ocean sanctuaries around Antarctica, and by spreading the word about World Penguin Day. 

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