15 February, 2013

Rwanda Tops Global Love Ranking

Gallup Rankings
Ever thought of Rwandans feeling very loved? According to a gallup data just published - in response to the question: “"Did you experience the following feelings during a lot of the day yesterday?" How about love?" According to Gallup - the result is the most comprehensive global index of love ever constructed. Most Rwandans answered positively. Rwanda does not only rank first in Africa, but it is one out of only three other population surveyed where at least nine in 10 respondents reported feeling loved; and it ranks 2nd globally. For a country that has gone through so much suffering and misery just a few years ago, that is the best and greatest recognition and teastament to how much forgiving Rwandans are and how much healed they feel.

And how do other people in East Africa feel? Do they, too, feel loved? After Rwanda, Tanzania ranks second in East Africa and 15th globally; Kenya ranks third in East Africa and 47th globally; and Uganda ranks fourth in East Africa and 86th worldwide. Only 136 countries were surveyed; Burundi was not one of those. Having come from so low a point in 1994, when extreme hatred caused the horrific slaughter of close to a million people in just a few days - I congratulate the people of Rwanda, and their leaders in particular, for having achieved so much in such a short span of time.

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