07 February, 2013

Place Of Note: Nairobi Aquarium Store

Nairobi Aquarium Store
Did you know that having a fish aquarium can be relaxing, relieving and can reduce stress? Although it is not discussed very much, there are health and emotional benefits that come from having a fish tank or  an aquarium. This is true whether its a fresh water or salt water tank. Read more here. Studies have shown that watching an aquarium has multiple health benefits such as lowering of high blood pressure and reduction of anxiety. Medical offices and retirement homes are two examples of places that can reap the benefits of fish tanks. And children do love aquariums and respond well to them.

Living in such a fast paced, crowded and noisy place like Nairobi - you will certainly benefit from having a fish aquarium at home or in your office. One of the best and most affordable places to buy  an aquarium is the: Nairobi Aquarium Store at Mai Mahiu Road, off Langata/Mbagathi Road, near T-Mall Sopping Center. They specialize in both locally made and imported aquariums that are beautiful, affordable and suitable for homes, offices and restaurants. They design aquariums based on their client’s measurements, taste and budget. All aquariums come fully setup with variety of fish, aquarium accessories, filtration system, fish food,lighting system,fish net and water treatment. They also sell a variety of aqua-scaping supplies, fish and accessories. Find out more about them from their Facebook page or from their website.

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