14 February, 2013

Help Save Elephants and Tigers from Extinction!

Save Elephants and Tigers!
I have just read a heart wrenching, painful report on how more cruel and merciless poaching for wildlife and 'trade' in them and their parts has become. The report by the award winning photojournalist and filmmaker, James Morgan, is one of many that's coming out of Africa and Asia. Every day in the savannas and forests of Africa, elephants are being gunned down for their ivory tusks. Across Africa, tens of thousands of these majestic animals are being slaughtered each year. In many places the species has already been poached to extinction. As for tigers, it is one of the most endangered mammals on Earth. Numerous tiger species are on the brink of extinction; the numbers of all existing species are declining rapidly. If nothing is done, now, both these two very majestic animals will soon be wiped out from the wild.

The main market for both elephant and tiger parts, is Asia. And the main, central hub for this very cruel and merciless 'trade' is Thailand. In Africa and Asia, wherever elephants still exist in the wild, more effort and measures - extreme (like life time imprisonment for poachers and those who trade in poached animals and their prats) if needed - should be taken. Thailand, where not only humans are traded, but all types of endangered animals and animal parts - should be ashamed of itself. Why can't the Thai government do the needed and necessary and stop their country, especially their very beautiful capital city, be disgraced and    defamed by so many, streaming reports on Thailand/Bangkok being the center for illegal trade for wildlife and animal parts?

To save Africa’s elephants it is essential that Thailand closes this legal loophole. Join WWF in asking the Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to ban all ivory trade in Thailand. Sign the petition and tell the Thai Prime Minister to ban ivory trade and save Africa’s elephants! Or go to the Save the Elephants site and understand more on these majestic, great animals and do more.

We have lost 97% of our wild tigers in just over a century. With as few as 3,200 remaining, action is needed to increase and strengthen their habitat and protect the species from major threats such as poaching. Help save the tigers! Or go to the Save Tigers Now site and understand more on these majestic, magnificent animals and do more.

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