22 November, 2012

Tanzania: Blogging and its Best Blogs

Of its almost forty eight million citizens, about five million or about 11% of Tanzanians use the Internet and it ranks 7th in Internet usage in Africa - according to Internet World Atlas. Of these few who have Internet access, many use social media; of these, are those out of the country. A few, are blogging. With Tanzanian's superb and refined commandment of Kiswahili, most of these active blogs are in this country's national and official language. Tanzanian blogs are vibrant, too colorful and most are focused on the entertainment industry - music in particular; very few are serious and well styled.

My favorite Tanzanian blogs are: Candle Heart Page (poorly styled but I like the writer's passion for art, children and helping), Michuzi (reportedly the most read Kiswahili blog around the world - and it shows), Kajunason (has a variety of news, mainly politics and events), Zanzibar Islamic News (reflects the Island's Islamic culture), Zanzibar: swahili culture blog (spicy with a variety of interesting information), Pernille's Dunia Dura (who used to blog on Uganda but is now more focused on Tanzania) and Sahara Soul Food (good prose and poems but not regularly updated). After looking at the Tanzanian blogs I could find and reviewing them, this is how I have ranked them:
  1. Michuzi
  2. Mjengwa
  3. Fununu
  4. Kajunason
  5. Kwanza Jamii 
  6. Father Kidevu 
  7. Tembea Tanzania
  8. Kijweni
  9. Harusini 
  10. Bongo Flavor
When ranking these blogs, I considered these: style, originality uniqueness, how objective and worthy the blog's content is; how useful and interesting the blog is; what impact the blog may have and what good does it serve. For travel and wildlife blogs, go to Lonely Planet for Zanzibar and for Tanzania. There are many blogs in Tanzania and almost daily, new ones are started. Most are on Google Blogger's platform. Many are very popular within Tanzania. But very, very few would attract people internationally; not only because most are written in Kiswahili - most Tanzanian blogs are too boring and parochial. With time and the rapid expansion of the Internet, there will be many more Tanzanian blogs. Many just as colorful.

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