22 November, 2012

Rwanda: Blogging and its Best Blogs

Despite its many problems, Rwanda's visionary leaders have set forth an ambitious plan to establish Rwanda as a globally competitive, knowledge-based society and economy; this has resulted in the rapid expansion of phone and Internet subscribers and users. For a country that went through one of the worst horrors Africa and the world has ever known, this has not been easy. Rwanda, one of the first countries in Africa to gain full Internet connectivity, has ten licensed Internet Service Providers and 754,156 Internet subscribers as of June 2012 (according to the Rwanda Utlities Regulatory Agency) - which is about 6.5% of its population of about twelve million people. The number of people using Internet, as in other East African countries - is growing rapidly in the country. And so is social-networking. Some of its leaders are regularly and comfortably using Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

As hard as you try online, there are very, very few Rwandan blogs. And those who blog, very rarely post. Most good blogs on Rwandan related issues are managed by non-Rwandans or Rwandans in its Diaspora. Although it is no longer updated, I like reading: Gorilla Doctors, IGCP (which includes posts on Rwandan gorillas in its articles), Rwanda On The Wing (for bird lovers like I), Helena's A Year+ in Kigali, Rwanda (she moved out of Rwanda and stopped posting) and ECBU-Rwanda-CU Blog (outstanding but no longer being posted on). Other notable blogs are:
  1. Gorilla Doctors
  2. Kigali Wire
  3. Cry For Freedom Rwanda
  4. Living In Kigali 
  5. Karibu Sana
  6. Living Life Large
  7. IMCC Rwanda blog
  8. I Tried To Warn You
  9. Amahoro
  10. A Rwanda Momma
For more blogs on Rwanda, go to Living In Kigali's Links. For travel blogs on Rwanda, go to: Travel Blogs and Lonely Planet.It is very hard to find good blogs on this most wonderful of African countries; some of the few that are good, are by non-Rwandans who temporarily write about the country and once they leave Rwanda, the blog ends. With Rwanda having one of the fastest Internet connection on the Continent, and having so many issues that one can write on, especially: its resilient and tenacious people, its wildlife, its very beautiful landscape and not least - its fast growing, rapidly modernizing capital city, the one and only Kigali - why don't more Rwandans take up blogging, and use its power to constructively promote their country?

+ More referance on Internet World Atlas

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