08 May, 2012

Ecotact: ingenuity that serves

Ever heard of Ecotact? Few companies or projects have captured my imagination as this Kenyan company. A company that is so ingenuous and creative that it has won world wide recognition and several international awards. Incredibly, very few Kenyans know or have ever heard of it. As they state on their site:
Ecotact is a Social enterprise that invests in Innovations to solve sanitation crisis in Africa and beyond. Ecotact was founded in 2006 and a started operation in 2007. It is driven by the local need to improve urban and urban-rural environment through investment in environmentally responsive projects, including sanitation facilities in urban, schools and low-income settlements. The concept concentrates on optimizing social responsiveness as well as ecological systems such as Low water sanitation systems, which will reduce water consumption and increase human waste recovery in terms of energy (methane) and nutrients (nitrates and Phosphates). Ecotact has its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. Its incorporation followed several years of research, global exploration and social interactions.   
Ecotact's most inventive product, is their very sustainable and clean toilet system: Iko Toilet. An environmentally friendly, a much praised and an award winning concept - Iko Toilet. Iko Toilet is not only changing lives, but - due to its clean and hygiene way - saving them too. Since 2008, Iko Toilet has been serving tens of thousands of people in Kenya and other parts of East Africa; at very minimal costs. Ecotact is planning more products: their aim is to offer convenient, hygienic and sustainable water and sanitation services in markets, bus parks, urban leisure parks and slums. Not only in Kenya, but in other parts of Africa and the world. I wish there were more such model companies with such vision and which would serve humanity so well, the poor in particular, as Ecotact.

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