24 January, 2012

Mauritius Ranks Twenty-fourth in World's Democracy Index

Mauritius ranks 24th
According to the Economist: The results of the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Democracy Index 2011 show that democracy has been under intense pressure in many parts of the world.

The Economist Intelligence Unit of Democracy

But, incredibly, Mauritius, the tiny island nation off the coast of Southern Africa, out of 165 countries - ranks twenty-fourth: This little country (population: 1.2 million) is the wealthiest, best-governed country in Africa. The World Bank put it first in its ranking of African economies (and 20th worldwide). The Mo Ibrahim Foundation ranked it first in its Ibrahim Index, which measures African countries based on rule of law, human rights, human development and economic opportunity.

More instructive still is the ranking of Mauritius in the Index of Economic Freedom published by the Washington-based Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal. In 2010, this index put Mauritius in 12th place (out of 179 countries); in 2012, it elevated the country to eighth place (with a score, out of 100 points, of 77, only two slots behind Canada’s 79.9). It was the first time an African country had placed in the index’s top 10 – and it did so by surpassing the United States (in 10th place with a score of 76.3).

Mauritius is a small multiracial country that has practised free-market economics for years – and now has top 10 rankings in both democratic governance and economic performance. The economy expanded by 4 per cent last year, and average incomes increased to $14,000 (U.S.). (China, incidentally, ranked 138th and Russia 144th.) Economic freedom is as much a prerequisite for democracy as voting. Let’s hear it for the prosperous little democracy with a dodo on its coat of arms. The Globe And Mail

Mauritius continues to be a success story. The small Indian Ocean island continues to be in great contrast to most African states. As tiny as it is, Mauritius is indeed a Giant. Congratulations to Mauritius and their leaders for being among the top 25 most democratic countries in the world! Can the other African countries do the needed and the same.

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