26 September, 2011

Wangari Maathai: the Environmentalist, the People's Champion and the Role Model

It is not how long we live that matters. It is what we do while living that does. For me, she has been the greatest Kenyan who ever lived. A philanthropist. A humanitarian. A politician. An activist. And one of the bravest and greatest campaigners the world has ever known.

But, it is as one of the greatest environmentalist that the world has ever known that Wangari Maathai will always be known for and remembered for. That made her, worldwide, be so revered and so highly regarded like no other Kenyan. She was the first woman from the East and central African countries to have a doctorate. And the first African woman to have won the Nobel Peace Price. 

Against poverty. Against injustice. For human rights. For women's rights. For peace. And above all, for the environment. She lived. She practiced. She did. And dedicated her life to. Bravely and courageously dedicated her life to. We will always fondly remember her and miss her as not only the greatest activist Kenya has ever known. Not only as the greatest environmentalist Africa has ever had. But, also as one of the greatest environmental activist, campaigner and protector that humanity has ever had. May God rest her soul in PEACE.

+ Photo and more: The New York Times
+ Wangari Maathai passed away of ovarian cancer at 11.00 PM on Sunday night - 25th September, 2011 - just over a year after being diagnosed with the disease in July, 2010

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