08 September, 2011

Africa and The Global Competitiveness Report 2011-2012

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Do global rankings matter? According to the World Economic Forum, they do. The Forum's report for 2011-2012, just released, puts most African countries at the bottom of the rankings. I quote from Business Live: Only two Sub-Saharan African economies, South Africa and Mauritius, were in the top half of the Global Competitiveness Index rankings; in fact, among the bottom 20 economies, 13 hailed from the region.

Two of my most favorite African countries have done well: Mauritius and Rwanda. Both, small. Both, without any of the valued natural resources. Except, both - have visionary, gifted leaders and governance. Mauritius moved only one step this year. While Rwanda, the wonder nation, moved ten ranks up. For some reason, some countries like Seychelles, the Comoros and a few other countries are not included.

Of the East African countries, Kenya, out of the 142 countries, has moved up four places and ranks 102nd; while Tanzania falls by six ranks to 120th; and Uganda, with its vast resources (and oil?) ranks 121st. At the bottom of the rankings - even with its oil, is Chad at 142nd. One can understand why South Africa, with all its resources can top the Sub-Saharan list at rank 50th; but Mauritius and, especially Rwanda? If they can do it, the rest of Africa can, too.

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