10 August, 2011

Do you want a Google Plus Invite?

Do you, unlike I, love social-networking? Do you like Facebook or Twitter? Millions of people are now using social-networking services; especially the young - and most of them waste much precious time while on such platforms and many fail exams due to these services. Still, the rage is on. And Google is not being left behind.

For long, Google has tried repeatedly to enter in to social media; and repeatedly they have failed: Orkut, Buzz, Wave and Friend Connect have all been tried by the search giant but without much success. And now, they have come up with: Google Plus. For those wanting to sign-up to the much talked about and the very fast expanding Google+, it is now very easy to get an 'invite'. Click here or here and easily get the 'invite' and sign-up to Google Plus.

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