07 June, 2011

Take a stand against Slavery

Slavery still exists. In many forms.What is slavery? It is the involuntary subjection to another or others. Slavery emphasizes the idea of complete ownership and control by a master: to be sold into slavery. Bondage indicates a state of subjugation or captivity often involving burdensome and degrading labor: in bondage to a cruel master. Servitude is compulsory service, often such as is required by a legal penalty: penal servitude.

In many parts of Africa, slavery is still practiced; in some African countries, slavery is openly practiced. Across the continent: children are sold, exploited and used as domestic or sexual slaves; women are trafficked across countries and continents and sold. Human wickedness has no boundaries: recently, in Nigeria - a 'baby producing factory' was discovered:
  • Police in Nigeria freed 32 teen girls from an alleged "baby factory" used to feed the region's exploding sex trade and human trafficking markets, authorities said.......NYDNews
Earlier this year, CNN announced it was marshalling its global resources to take on human trafficking with the launch of ‘The CNN Freedom Project: Ending Modern-Day Slavery’. Through this multi-platform initiative, CNN’s reporting aims to expose the horrors of modern-day slavery, highlight the growing efforts to stop the trade and exploitation of human beings and amplify the voices of the victims. More here.

Look around you: how many people do you see daily, being treated like slaves? Especially women? How many children do you see or know, and are treated in the most inhuman of ways? How many maids do you see or know, who are no more than slaves? Take a stand. Join the Freedom Project. Help in abolishing slavery.

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