10 March, 2011

Lesotho: one of the best places for women to live in?

How many people ever heard of, let alone know of, Lesotho? Very few indeed. Out of Africa, even fewer. Did you know that Lesotho is completely surrounded by the Republic of South Africa? The Kingdom of Lesotho or the Mountain Kingdom as it is fondly called by its officials; and due to its rolling high mountains and valleys, its stunning beauty and mountain scenery, it is also know as the 'Kingdom in the Sky'.

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For many who know of Lesotho, they know it for having one of the highest HIV-Aids infection in the world. But now, thankfully and hearteningly, there is very good news about the Kingdom: it is now reportedly one of the very few places on Earth where women have full rights and are much better off than women in most other places. A report just released by the World Economic Forum, ranks the Mountain Kingdom - 8th - for bridging the gap between the sexes and for continuing to demonstrate  the greatest equality between men and women.

Lesotho ranks very high up there with the exemplary Nordic countries, and Iceland, Ireland and New Zealand. Consider: in that report, Germany ranks 13, the United Kingdom is 15, the United States is 19 and France is at 46. Of African countries at the top are: South Africa at 12, Mozambique at  22 and Namibia at 25. Of the East African countries, Uganda is up there; it has improved dramatically: it is ranked 33; Tanzania is 66th; while Kenya apparently is one of the worst countries for a woman to live in: it scores poorly and is ranked 96th.

For more: World Economic Forum’s 2010 Global Gender Gap Rankings (Table)

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