02 March, 2011

The Iberian Lynx

To most people who have no knowledge of cats, the Iberian lynx looks just like many other lynxes. If you have ever set eyes on the Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus), then you are one of the very lucky few who have had that privilege. It only exists in the Iberian Peninsular, in Spain, and it is so rare, that - of all cats on Earth - it has been classified as the most threatened and the most endangered; if it goes extinct, then it would be the first cat to do so in thousands of years. The Iberian lynx, like North America's, Black Footed Ferret, is on the brink of extinction due to its main food not being easily available anymore on its habitat. The ferret depends on the prairie dog; the lynx's main prey is the rabbit which has been decimated by successive diseases, the last pandemic which nearly wiped out rabbits in the wild, was in 1988.

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