17 January, 2011

Sao Tome: Africa's secret

Much has ben said about, Sao Tome and Principe; this magical island nation: its remoteness, it's stunning beauty and its distinct culture. The Guardian has just come up with this:
If travel writers ever descended on São Tomé they would be able to deploy every cliche. The island, and its even more isolated neighbour Príncipe, is a magical place of ridgeback mountains and rainforest, palms and rocky pinnacles, beaches and old Portuguese towns. Not very much has happened there since its rather vicious colonial rulers walked away in 1975; few people know that it is an independent country or can find it on the map, in the Atlantic just south of Nigeria and west of Gabon. Its government is democratic, the sun shines, the rain falls, the soil is good and the sea is full of fish. 
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