08 January, 2011

The Other Side of Sudan: Wildlife

There is a side of Sudan that has always been over-shadowed by the very unstable situation there: its abundant wildlife; on land and in the sea. Wildlife that has suffered as much as humans throughout the wars and conflict; wildlife that has had very little attention and care.

Maybe, now, with peace most likely since the creation of Sudan - many from within the country and out of it, will be able to visit, and some - study - the almost unknown and very rarely visited Dinder, the Sukakin Archipelago which has been described as having probably some of the best diving in the World. The Suakin Archipelago is made up of a group of islands offering some of the most unforgettable dives you will ever make in the Red Sea. A lot of the reefs within this constellation have not been dived, and journeys to the area are reminiscent of early exploratory diving; and the many other places with varying and interesting wildlife in this very large country. And very hopefully, the country's fascinating and many animals, fauna and plants, both on land and in the seas; and forests - whether the country remains united or separated -  will be better taken care of and preserved.

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