08 September, 2010

Southern Sudan: to secede or not to.........

Come January next year, no one can blame the Southern Sudanese if they opt for independence. After being marginalized for so long; after, for years, fleeing from place to place in search of safety; and after so much blood and suffering, they can not be blamed for choosing secession. But, doesn't and won't that set a wrong and dangerous precedent for Africa?

Won't that encourage others in other African countries, who 'feel' or 'consider' themselves marginalized or oppressed to want or demand and struggle for secession? What is to stop southern Ethiopians or northern Ugandans or north-eastern Kenyans to think of taking the same path as the Southern Sudanese? And should southern Sudan go for independence, what is to stop another or other parts or other tribes of the same Southern Sudan, like the Shuluk or the Nuer demanding for separation, should they feel marginalized or oppressed?

There are hundreds of thousands of Southern Sudanese now living in the North of Sudan; many have livelihoods and are already rooted there - what happens to them? Yes: many African former colonies got independence from European countries because of the same reasons that has lead the Southern Sudanese to fight for separation; many of these 'independent' African countries only created more difficulties for their populace. Should the Southern Sudanese decide to secede next year, very hopefully their leaders can and will ensure equality and justice for all their citizens. Otherwise all their struggles and suffering would have been meaningless, should they create conditions there which make some of their people think of or consider separation, too.

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