05 September, 2010

At last: Dual Citizenship for Kenyans

For most Kenyans living outside the country with foreign citizenship, the just signed New Constitution is a great gift and relief; apart from being entitled to proper housing, free medication, and the right to food - Kenyans who have acquired citizenship in foreign countries would now qualify for dual citizenship! "The Bill of Rights in Chapter Four of the new Constitution and Chapter Three on Citizenship, became effective instantly after President Kibaki promulgated the new Constitution." The New Constitution means:
  • A person who is a citizen does not lose citizenship by reason only of acquiring the citizenship of another country.
  • A person who as a result of acquiring the citizenship of another country ceased to be a Kenyan citizen is entitled, on application, to regain Kenyan citizenship.
"Dual citizenship is good because it will enable Kenyans in the diaspora to enjoy the benefits of their country of residence while at the same time make their contribution in the development of their country of birth,” said President Kibaki while recently on a visit to Swaziland. Indeed: most Kenyans having foreign citizenship would very much like to contribute to the development of the country. To the development of the Kenya we all cherish and love very much.

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