02 April, 2010

This is very good news..........

Uganda, at last, surrenders Migingo Islands:
Uganda on Wednesday gave up its claim on Migingo Island and apologised for what it said was an inaccurate decision based on wrong interpretation of a 1962 map.

In compensation, it announced that it would allow Kenyan fishermen access to 400 nautical miles of its territorial waters in Lake Victoria. “Our surveyors were wrong in their interpretation of the 1962 map.

“It is an old map and not as accurate as modern maps,” said presidential spokesman Loofapril Kabalagala. Mr Kabalagala said President Yoweri Museveni had spoken to President Kibaki on the matter.
What a relief? At one time, many thought that Kenya and Uganda might go to war to settle the dispute over the Island. But, thankfully, the territorial dispute has been peacefully resolved.

See also map of the Island.

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