19 December, 2009

The alternative way forward for humanity....

With the fiasco at Copenhagen, we now know that world leaders can not do much when it comes to Climate Change and other like problems that face humanity. Most world leaders are politicians who are more swayed by votes and economics than by doing what is right for humanity. The more powerful the leaders, the more they seem to be more interested in votes and economic profits.

But each of us and independent organizations and other world bodies can do much to change the World for the better. And that is what Google is doing: Google.org uses Google's strengths in information and technology to build products and advocate for policies that address global challenges. Apart from joining the climate express to reverse Climate Change,  see and support what Google is doing to make our Planet a better place for us and our children. There are a number of other organizations that are doing much to positively impact people and our World. The Greenbelt Movement, the Grameen Foundation, the Skoll Foundation are a few such noble organizations. Noble organizations that each of us, if we can, should support.

We can not rely or depend on our leaders to make that positive change. Each of us and humane organizations, can bring positive change to our Planet. Can make a difference. Small, the difference may seem, but together: people, organizations - we can do much for US. Plant a tree. Do not throw garbage around. Conserve and protect our environment in whatever way you can. Be good, kind, considerate and just not only to our other fellow human beings but to all creatures on Earth. 

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