30 June, 2009

Tanzanians may soon be allowed dual citizenship

The Tanzanian government, like the Ugandan one, may soon allow dual citizenship for its people. If approved, this new law will not only benefit thousands of Tanzanians, especially those living abroad - mainly in the Middle East - but the new policy will allow too, Tanzania to benefit economically.

The new law, if approved, will allow the many Tanzanians living abroad to invest their wealth, some of which is huge, in to Tanzania. And it will allow too, the free movement of many Tanzanians who were very much restricted by the previous policy.

It's very disappointing and sad that, for many years, East African governments never allowed dual or multiple citizenship for their populace. This has always very much restricted the movement of East Africans living abroad; it has also made it very difficult for them, many of whom are wealthy, to invest back home into East Africa. Contrary to what many East African lawmakers have always believed in, the allowing of dual or multiple citizenship will be much more beneficial to East Africa than otherwise. It will allow the hundreds of thousands of East Africans living abroad to move easily and freely to and from East Africa; and as most of the East Africans living abroad are financially and economically much better off than their counterparts living back home, they will certainly move much of that wealth back to East Africa. They will certainly invest back home. Hopefully, Kenyan legislators will soon too - see reason and wisely allow many Kenyans living abroad the same benefit.

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