01 May, 2009

Baby gorilla saved.......

A baby gorilla has been seized from animal traffickers by ICCN following a 3-month undercover investigation to bust an international wildlife smuggling ring, reports the official website of Virunga National Park.

One suspected trafficker was caught and arrested at Goma International Airport on Sunday while disembarking from a flight from Walikale (in the interior of the country and close to gorilla habitat) with an eastern lowland gorilla (remember these animals are only found in DR Congo). The gorilla was found concealed under clothes at the bottom of a bag and was suffering from over-heating and dehydration after spending over 6 hours in transit.

Baby gorillas can be sold for up to $20,000 each; for some people, that's a price that can drive them to such extreme cruelty. As for whoever would want to buy gorillas and other such wild animals, and accept the animals being so mistreated, they must be utterly heartless and sick. Gorillas should be in the wild. There are less than 1,000 mountain gorillas left in the wild worldwide, according to Virunga National Park, with about half of those in the Virunga Volcanoes Conservation Area shared by Congo, Rwanda and Uganda.

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