18 April, 2009

Revealed: Wangari Mathai

I read the report and have watched CNN"s revealed on Wangari Mathai, twice. Some of what Wangari said:

  • "In any society, if there is no regulation, if there is no control, you will always get greedy and selfish people who are prepared to take the economy very far for their own selfish ends."

  • "People get leaders they deserve," she continued. "So if they are getting leaders in Africa that are not caring about us, it's because they let them."

  • "If we want a responsible leadership, the African people have to rise up and demand that kind of leadership from their leaders."

  • "We see time and time again that the ruling elite are the least concerned about the poor and not only use the poor to argue their case, but when the money is available they're not paying attention to the issues that would make a difference in the lives of the poor people."

Watch the very interesting and absorbing video on Wangari Mathai - here.

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