08 February, 2009

Massacres: failed U.S.-aided Uganda mission

This sad and shocking report from The New York Times, shows how tragic the African Great Lakes Region is, and how super powers - right from the time the Soviet Union supported Congo's Patrice Lumumba, the US supported and funded Mobutu and continued to prop up his regime through out his dictatorship; and Britain, initially, strongly supporting Idi Amin - how all this meddling by foreign powers, has, many times, only caused tremendous suffering and blood in Africa. On the failed operation, I quote:

"The American military helped plan and pay for a recent attack on a notorious Ugandan rebel group, but the offensive went awry, scattering fighters who carried out a wave of massacres as they fled, killing as many as 900 civilians............"

"The Lord’s Resistance Army killed tens of thousands of people in northern Uganda, slicing off lips and terrorizing children, before the Ugandan Army drove it out about five years ago. Mr. Kony then marched his prepubescent death squads and dozens of teenage brides to Garamba National Park, a vast reserve of elephants and swamps near the border of Uganda and Sudan.

"The United Nations has more than 16,000 peacekeepers in Congo, including about 250 in Dungu. But United Nations officials said they were spread too thin in other war-racked parts of eastern Congo to take on the Lord’s Resistance Army. At the time of the nearby massacres, the peacekeepers in Dungu were guarding the airfield." The New York Times

The Uganda-led operation targeted the brutal rebel group called Lord's Resistance Army, which had been hiding in a Congolese national park. The rebel leaders escaped and small group of fighters rampaged through towns in northeastern Congo, hacking, burning, shooting and clubbing civilians to death, .................. Washington Post

Laurent Nkunda, used religion and preached that he was fighting, only to protect and save his Tutsi tribe; Joseph Kony, for years has used the same pretext - that he is fighting to protect and save his tribe: the Acholis - to terrorsie and saughter. Like Nkunda, Joseph Kony and his LRA must be stopped. At whatever cost. But not at such an expensive cost. But not at the cost of so many lives, suffering so much and in such a horrendous way.

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