16 February, 2009

Kenya and the Green Economy

With the continuing deforestation and environmental destruction in many parts of Kenya; the Kenyan government is looking for new sources of funding to help it reverse environmental degradation in the newly identified hotspots, which are driving Kenya’s slump into desertification.

Very hopefully: this new approach by the Kenyan government and authority will help in reversing the damage and destruction done by past mismanagement and misuse of the country's natural resources. More encouraging are President Kibaki's statements at the opening of UNEP's global environmental forum now being held in Nairobi and attended by more than 1,200 delegates from around the world: developing countries should take stock of the quality of their environment even as they seek to implement ambitious development programmes, he said; and pointed out that environment degradation continues to undermine the prospects of fighting poverty, and the realization of high economic growth and sustainable development particularly in many developing countries.

For Kenya to fully realize and achieve its economic vision and goals - protecting the environment and preserving its great and diverse natural resources, have to be one of the government's top priorities. With 10 million people now facing starvation as a result of the post-election violence, poor harvest, low rainfall and the high cost of fertilisers among others - Kenya has to think and act green. The authorities concerned and the government in Kenya now know and realize that going and being green is the most beneficial, most productive and best way forward for the country.

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