19 November, 2008

Are There Any Wild Animals Still in Somalia?

Millions of Somalis have fled there homeland and have taken refuge in neighboring countries and distant places; millions more, live within the country displaced from their homes and live in terror, and in very difficult circumstances and conditions; while thousands, each year, in great danger from pirates and the treacherous sea, try to cross the sea for the safety in the countries to their North. Pirates roam and rule the seas. And a few warlords continue to bicker and quarrel about their country. At what cost?

In all this tragedy, Somalia's wildlife, especially fish and other wild animals, are paying a very high price. With a coastline of 2,000 miles, its coastal waters does not have any protection from its government; an armada of foreign owned vessels, using all kinds of means, mercilessly continue to plunder its waters and loot indiscriminately; and take what they want as they wish.

As for other wild animals, there are very few now left; and those left, are being mercilessly hunted down too, by both foreigners and Somalis. Of late, the hunting has gone high tech and local villagers in Somalia are increasingly reporting incidents whereby naval forces from unknown foreign countries are actively hunting wildlife in the war-torn Horn of Africa country. Some say, it's US forces that are now using the choppers for hunting the animals.

How long this horrible suffering of a people and the indiscriminate plundering, looting and destruction of their country will continue, depends more on the good will of the International community, especially its neighbors - who have been more destructive than helpful, than on its broken up and demoralized people.

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