16 October, 2008

Help Feed The World

In November 1979, the member nations of the Food and Agriculture Association of the United Nations (FAO) established World Food Day at the Organization’s Twentieth General Conference. World Food Day, which occurs every year on October 16 to commemorate the anniversary of the FAO, is a worldwide event designed to increase awareness, promote understanding, and encourage action against hunger.

Hunger and poverty are far too commonplace in many countries around the world. Thus, every year, World Food Day serves as a reminder of the FAO’s enduring quest to provide a long-term solution to these persistent problems. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to promote the concept that access to nutritious food is an fundamental human right and cannot be denied to any individual. Act against hunger..

World Food Day provides an occasion to once again highlight the plight of 923 million undernourished people in the world. Most of them live in rural areas where their main source of income is the agricultural sector. Global warming and the biofuel boom are now threatening to push the number of hungry even higher in the decades to come. Get involved.........

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