01 October, 2008

Endangered Otters on Lake Victoria, Kenya

On and around lake Victoria, Kenya, Hippos were once thriving and many; just a decade or two ago, hippos could easily be seen, in Kisumu town - the largest Kenyan town by the Lake. But now, due to human encroachment and activity they are in danger of being wiped out completely, there. And now, otters, which once too were a common sight, are in danger of facing the same fate as hippos:

Otters [Fisi Maji in Swahili] were once a common sight along the shores of Lake Victoria in the morning and late afternoon. They have webbed feet, a fine streamlined body for rapid movement through the water, and a strong, muscular tail to help steer them. Otters often travel up to 50 km in a night in search of food -- mainly fish and crustaceans like crabs and mollusks. But their numbers are thinning because of the encroachment of farmers into the wetlands and groups clearing the area in search of reeds and grasses for building houses and cottages along the beach. Otters are also killed by pollution, including industrial waste dumped into Lake Victoria – and by natural predators -- like crocodiles, pythons, and eagles. NewsVOA

Otters in other parts of Kenya
are facing similar threats from human activity. How can you help save these very amazing and adorable creatures? By loving and caring for them and doing all you can to protect them; by reporting any signs of their being in danger to relevant authorities. Visit this site for more.

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