15 September, 2008

Uganda, Oil and the Environment

As Uganda continues to make huge gains in its march to be one of the few countries in Africa to be 'blessed' with Oil, the focus now is on how Uganda can both benefit from oil and at the same time take care of its magical, natural wonders. The problem: most of the oil so far discovered in Uganda are in the very environmentally sensitive, Lake Albert region.

Norway, one of the World's leading oil producers, is already warning Uganda on the dangers of not taking care of the environment. Uganda, can learn from Norway and take advice from it - not only on how Norway's oil has greatly benefited that country's people and made Norway one of the richest and best country to live in, on this Planet - but Uganda too, can learn from the Scandinavian country on how to produce oil, and yet be caring and gentle to the environment. How wonderful and beneficial it would be, if Uganda can emulate Norway and lead the way in Africa, and be exemplary, on how to both produce oil, and truly and sustainably benefit from it. Uganda, at its earliest stages in oil prospecting and production, can show the way for Africa and be the Light. And make a difference in Africa.

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