19 August, 2008

Uganda's Real Wealth

Its people: hard working, resourceful and many are well educated. With proper, encouraging conditions in the country, Ugandans can do much more.

Its land: abundant and very fertile in most parts; but very little of which is productively utilized at the moment. Ugandan land, if well and extensively cultivated, can feed many more millions and in many more countries than it does now.

Its waters: Uganda is a land of fresh water - streams, rivers and lakes. And has lots of rain. Few countries have as much fresh water per person as Uganda has. Years ago, Uganda’s lakes, rivers and streams were clean and pristine; now – many are littered with plastic bags and bottles. But, still - of water - Uganda has some of the most fresh and plenty of it.

Its livestock: Ugandan cattle and poultry are some of the best one can find.

Its wildlife: with a variety of birds and other animals; and green plains and rolling green valleys, many covered with jungles - Uganda is pure magic.

And now Uganda has Oil, which if used properly, will propel Uganda forward and very much improve lives. With all these resources, properly managed and used, Uganda can and should move forward through the 21st Century to a much brighter and more prosperous future.

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