27 July, 2008

Kenya's Quest for Oil

All the three East African countries are aggressively searching for oil; Kenya more so. Geological evidence gathered and analysed in Kenya and elsewhere reveals with certainty that the country has untapped oil and gas. Most of the oil exploration in Kenya is along the Coast and in the North. For almost three decades now, Kenya has been exploring for oil, with no luck so far; Western and Chinese companies are now involved in oil prospecting all along the Kenyan coast and in the North. (Photo: Lake Turkana)

Geological evidence gathered reveals with certainty that the country has oil. Kenya spends an enormous amount of its earnings on oil imports; if oil deposits found will be of commercial value, and production starts, it will be the biggest boost that the Kenyan economy can have. With its comparatively good infrastructure and an abundant educated, youthful work force, Kenya's economy needs oil to drive its economy, to emerge from decades of poverty and to fully realize its main economic goal: vision 2030. In short, with oil - Kenya's economy would be greatly transformed. That is, if it doesn't deepen government corruption and create a big mess of the environment; as oil production has done in most of the other African oil producing countries.

The oil too, will help - in redeveloping Mombasa's old, inefficient and environmentally damaging oil refinery; it's already being hinted that if commercial oil deposits is not found, the oil refinery might shut down and be transformed into a storage facility.

Kenya is now intensifying its oil exploration and hopefully commercial - quantity of oil will be found. With its new political awakening and grand economic vision, Kenya will hopefully be an example in Africa in using its oil resources. If it becomes an oil producer.

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