24 April, 2008

Kidepo: Uganda's Hidden Wonder

Very few people visit the Kidepo National Park in Uganda. Even fewer tourists ever visit the rugged, breathtaking Ugandan hidden wonder, tucked away in the triangular North Eastern part of the country, bordering Kenya (in the East) and Sudan (in the North). Most Ugandans outside the district , very rarely visit Karamoja, the district where the Park is or Moroto, the largest town in the district. It is that remote. And pristine.

Of all Ugandan national parks and game reserves, Kidepo is the most remote and has the most unique wilderness and terrain. Karamoja too, is the most dry and the hottest part of Uganda; it has a most unique people too: the Karamojong, whose warriors, tall and black, still walk and graze their cattle while almost totally naked; they seem too, to have a liking for AK47 rifles. The Kalashnikov seems to be the only modern technology that Karamojong men have accepted; unlike in most parts of Uganda where the mobile phone is.

Sadly, semi arid Karamoja, though large and has great potential for development, is the poorest and the most undeveloped district of Uganda. I very much hope that the authorities concerned will do more for Karamoja and its people; and make the remote, isolated magical Kidepo more secure. The whole of Karamoja, which has changed very little through time, has stunning scenery; more so, Kidepo. The spectacular scenery, easily makes one forget the seething heat.

Any one visiting Uganda and has the time and means, should visit enchanting, breathtaking Kidepo and experience not only some of the most spectacular sceneries Uganda and Africa has; but also feast on the abundant unique mix of wildlife that Kidepo boasts.

Above photo from: I-Travel which has more info on Kidepo

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