17 March, 2008

Kenya Rises

After almost three months of tension and wondering what has happened to Kenya, I can now rest my mind and look forward to the future. Kenyan leaders, with assistance from fellow African leaders - most of all: Kofi Annan - have shown leadership and statesmanship in resolving what was becoming a real nightmare for Kenyans. Kenya can now rise. Magical Kenya, is back!

As the 'Daily Nation' says: LOOKS LIKE THINGS WILL BE moving at a frenetic pace. The two keys Bills supposed to open the way to the realisation of the peace accord could be debated in Parliament today. If everything is as hunky dory as it appears, the Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Bill and the National Accord and Reconciliation Bill will be passed in record time by popular acclamation. And the paper adds: .....events have indeed proceeded at a pace that was surely unimaginable just few weeks when it appeared almost certain that the talks brokered by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan were on the verge of collapse. Instead of the total meltdown we all feared at the time, Kenya is instead on the verge of a great new beginning, but a lot more will have to be done than merely assembling a national unity government or whatever it may be called.

Yes, surely unimaginable just a few weeks ago. But it's happening: Kenya is moving forward. Fast. And hopefully on track. In life, we always realise the value of some thing whenever we are about to lose it or lose it. Peace, like health, is the most valuable thing one can have. Thank God we now have peace back in Kenya.

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