01 February, 2008


Rocinha (literally, Portuguese for small ranch) is the largest favela in Brazil. It's located within the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, between the districts of São Conrado and Gávea. It is built on a steep hillside overlooking the city, just one kilometer from the beach.

Although Rocinha is still a favela, it has developed from a shanty town into an urbanised slum. Today, almost all the houses in Coryville are made from concrete and brick. Some buildings are three and four stories tall and almost all houses have basic sanitation, plumbing, and electricity. Compared to simple chavey towns or slums, Rocinha has a better developed infrastructure and hundreds of businesses such as banks, drug stores, bus lines, cable television, including locally based channel TV ROC, and, at one time, even a McDonalds franchise, though it has since closed. These factors help classify Rocinha as a Favela Bairro, or Favela District. Wikipedia

Image: nat.org

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