22 January, 2008

Beyond Kenya....

For the last three weeks or so, events in Kenya have taken most of my attention; at times completely overwhelming me. But in between, there have been other happenings that my thoughts have gone to.

In Zimbabwe, as a reflection of how bad the economy has become and how hard life is - a new 10 million Zimbabwean Dollar note has been issued: as part of new currency measures Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor Gideon Gono took yesterday to help ease a biting cash shortage! The new note equals to about 330 US$ (officially) but is the equivalent of about 4 US$ at the dominant black market exchange rate. I have been shocked and very disturbed too, on reports regarding the Genocide ideology in schools - in Rwanda. For the last few days, which has seemed like ages to me, events in Kenya brought back thoughts of the horrific events that happened 13 years ago in Rwanda. I very much hope that every thing will be done, not only by Rwandans but by all those who care about Rwanda, Africa and humanity - to move Rwanda forward and completely erase any thoughts, ideology, literature or attitude that has in any way contributed to the very tragic events of 1994 in that country.

It seems: the wealthier and stronger a country or society becomes, the more destructive that country and society is to our World and Environment. I still haven't forgotten at how the American government wrecked the Climate conference in Bali! If it wasn't for the poorer developing countries having it even much harder, I would be happy to see oil becoming even more expensive; the more expensive oil gets, the more attractive alternative — and climate-friendly — fuels become. And then there is the Japanese: when will they stop their pretext and lies? Every one knows that 'Japan's research programme' is a pretext for keeping the whaling industry alive. 'Overexploit, cheat, deplete'. Whatever the Japanese might say; whatever lies they come up with: the bottom line is - whales are dying! They are being systematically slaughtered by a highly illegal operation.

Back to Ground Zero: Kenya! Fingers crossed! Hoping the next few days will see Kenya out of this quagmire! And praying that God allows us overcome this: wisely, constructively and peacefully. Kenya will and Kenya can.

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