22 December, 2007

Liya Kebede

In March 2005, supermodel Liya Kebede was appointed as the WHO Goodwill Ambassador for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health. She was given the task of advocating on behalf of WHO programmes and initiatives focused on maternal, newborn and child health.
An Ethiopian fashion model – and herself a mother of two – Liya's responsibilities include raising global awareness of maternal and child health issues, and helping WHO in its campaign to improve the health of mothers and children. Her appointment took place in the run up to World Health Day 2005, the slogan for which was: Make Every Mother and Child Count.
Liya has since worked to link WHO initiatives and programmes with the activities of her newly created Liya Kebede Foundation. She has also teamed up with WHO to designate funds to support maternal and newborn health initiatives through online donations which raised nearly US$12 000; to support World Health Day 2005 and Mother's Day in 2006; to launch the WHO obstetric fistula manual at the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in August 2006; and to write travelogue of her journey in Ethiopia.
Her efforts have been widely published in newspapers and magazines. She has also participated in several key conferences and events organized by WHO and other UN agencies.
In January 2007, Liya was reappointed as Goodwill Ambassador for another two years. WHO
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