24 December, 2007

Kenya Decides!

A few days ago, the most important thing on my mind was the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination results ; I was waiting for my youngest daughter's results. Though she did the examinations when she was sick, I was overjoyed and elated by what she achieved: all 'A's, and undoubtedly, one of the highest marks scored in the country, especially for a girl. Thanks to her mother most, who did all it took for her to achieve that; and to her excellent and fine teachers.

Still, filled with joy with my daughter's results - the upcoming Kenyan Elections, just hours away, is what is next most important on my mind. I do hope this weekend, my other great hope and wish for Kenya, is fulfilled. I do hope my candidate for the Presidency; and the party I support, wins! Whatever the results and whoever wins, I am very proud of Kenya. Very few countries in Africa, and in the 'developing' world for that matter - can boast what Kenya has achieved: a kind of democratic development and progress, though the years, that I very much hope can be a role model for Uganda and Tanzania; and other African countries. And which should be emulated. Come this weekend: and I will know what Kenyans have decided for!

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