06 November, 2007

Endangered Planet

Of late, it has been very encouraging to see that - the World's major news channels have become very interested and vocal about the danger our Planet faces. For the last few weeks, CNN has been airing these very interesting, informative and at the same time, heart wrenching and grim reports: 'Planet in Peril'; the BBC too, has its own 'Climate Change' - reporting on the same, but with a complete different perspective. Even the recently launched Al Jazeera English channel, has it own version: Assignment Earth. All these programmes, show how very irresponsible, reckless and destructive Mankind has been in relation to our Planet.

I watched the whole of CNN's, two-part reports. And couldn't help being very saddened, and at times shocked at the senselessness of our doings. As much as I respect and admire the Chinese and not only the economic 'miracle' they have achieved these last few years, but Chinese history as a whole - I am deeply disturbed and shocked at how they are now contributing fast at the depletion of the World's resources. Of all the major powers, I have always found Chinese history most admirable and the least driven to colonise, but in the last few years, China has fast become one of the most destructive entities on Earth. Now, China seems to be voraciously using and depleting much of the World's resources; including many life forms, some of which, like turtles and tigers, are very endangered.
Global warming is set to make many of the problems which Africa already deals with, much, much worse. Andrew Simms (The BBC)

Most saddening of all, is that - the poorest part of the World: Africa, which contributes least to the World's Climate Change and which uses the least of the World's resources, is, and will be, the most adversely affected. The future for most of the World's 6 billion plus people (expected to rise to 8.9 billion by 2030, and reach 10 to 14 billion by 2050) - is very bleak and offers little hope; but is even much more discouraging and seems hopeless for Africa's masses.

It's not only Climate Change that's making life difficult and gloomy, for most; it's too, the way in which some of the resources are now being used, that is becoming even more disturbing: now, many food sources like soy, sugar, corn and coconut oil are being used to make bio fuel, and more and more arable land is now being turned into use for the production of such crops (which are now considered very profitable) - which in turn, is causing food to be scarce and the rapid rise of food prices. Prices of such basic foods like: corn, flour, cooking oil, sugar and dairy and beef products - will continue to rapidly rise. Millions will suffer and go hungry. Mostly, in Africa. Still, one, I, can only hope. And pray.

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