19 October, 2007

The Unforgettable Mount Elgon

One place that I have repeatedly visited, and immensely enjoyed visiting each time more than the last time I was there, is: Mount Elgon area. Both sides: the Ugandan and Kenyan sides. Though the rains can be over whelming at times, all else, is just exhilarating. Whenever in the Mount Elgon vicinity, I find it hard to let my eyes wander off from the majestic mountain - so green and with so many waterfalls, it's hard not to be completely mesmerised by the site. Twice, I have tried to go as high as I can on to the Mountain, and both times I found the experience completely unforgettable.

The people are wonderful; and so is the weather and scenery. On the Ugandan side, Mbale, the largest urban area, has many high top class hotels; I prefer spending my time with relatives and friends, instead - of whom I have many in the area. As for Kitale, the largest town on the Kenyan side, the amenities and attractions are just as good. In Kitale too, I have friends and relatives who make it very easy for me to visit. I have always wondered at why both Uganda and Kenya, do not make better use of the Mount Elgon area - as a tourist attraction; on both sides there is still much to be done. And both sides can do with, and need, better publicity.

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Photo: users.aber.ac.uk

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